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1031 Exchange – Preserve the Value of Your Investment

A 1031 exchange provides investors with one of the best  strategies for preserving the value of an investment portfolio. By using an exchange, the investor is able to defer the recognition of capital gains taxes that would otherwise be incurred on the sale of investment property or property used in a trade or business.

The 1031 Exchange Process

An exchange is rarely a simultaneous swap of properties between two parties. Most exchanges, whether they are simultaneous or delayed involve three parties: the investor (exchanger) who is doing the exchange, the buyer who is purchasing the exchanger’s old (relinquished) property and the seller who is selling the exchanger a new (replacement) property.

Tax Benefits of Exchanges

Whether the investor’s property is owned free and clear or encumbered, the benefits of a tax-deferred exchange are significant. The tax dollars saved by doing an exchange can be utilized to purchase additional investment property. Compare a sale versus an exchange.

Non-Tax Benefits of Exchanges

In addition to deferring the capital gains tax, tax-deferred exchanges provide the investor with a wide range of non-tax opportunities to suit the investor’s portfolio. These can include reposition of  assets, change of property types, increase leverage, and much more.


“Like-Kind” Property

Contrary to the commonly held misconception that exchanged properties must be of the exact same type – for example, that bare land must be exchanged for bare land or an income property must be exchanged for another income property – the actual definition of “like-kind” is far more empowering in its flexibility. Any real property used in a trade or business, or held for investment can be exchanged for any other real property held for investment or used in a trade or business. 

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